Air Conditioner Theft Prevention

“He kept saying, ‘Something needs to be done,’” his wife said. He decided to invent a cage for air conditioning units that would prevent theft but make maintenance easy. The cage opens completely for …

Old Fashioned Air Conditioners Despite the ubiquity of air conditioning, less than a century has passed since people dealt with summer temperatures the old-fashioned way: by sipping mint juleps out on the porch. Oct 16, 2016  · How to install a standard window air conditioner into an old-fashioned casement window. Old fashioned “air conditioning” — Does this work? You

Call Blair’s Air for Help With Air Conditioner Theft Prevention. Whether you are concerned about protecting your cooling system from thieves, or if you are reeling from an AC theft, Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating can help.

(PRLEAP.COM) INDIANAPOLIS, IN May 2007 — With the theft of residential, business and even roof top air conditioning units on the rise, an Indianapolis company has taken the problem to heart. Mike Barg…

Tesla launched a new ‘Enhanced Anti-theft’ system as an aftermarket … to leave their pets in the car with the always-on air …

AC Theft [Caught on Camera] Aug 28, 2012  · How to Prevent Air Conditioner Theft. Air conditioning units contain a large amount of valuable copper that well-trained thieves can strip from your system within minutes to sell as scrap metal. As a homeowner, an air conditioning theft can be devastating as it leaves you uncomfortable and at a loss of your expensive investment.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Air Conditioner Theft. Losing an air conditioner to theft can be expensive and uncomfortable. Insurance deductibles can cost $1,000 or more and if the theft happens during peak cooling season in the summer, you could be sweating for weeks while the claim is processed.

New Jersey – AC Theft. Virginia – Man on Trial for stealing units. pennsylvania – air conditioner thieves in Philly. New York – 20 units stolen. Alabama – Criminals target churches in Selma. What the thieves really want is the copper from these units. No they are not taking it to their house to cool it down.

AC Copper Theft Prevention ™ Air Conditioner Cages The Problem: Currently the prices of scrap metal are four times their previous values, which has resurged the illegal market of Copper Theft.

Retro Fit Air Conditioning What’s more, the technology is not rocket science: a heat pump is the reverse of an air conditioning unit, while putting in l… What Does The Fan Setting On An Air Conditioner Do Does Closing Vents In Unused rooms save energy Should I Close Vents In unused rooms hvac codes And Standards ACCA develops the