Are Electric Blankets Safe

RESIDENTS are being urged to take advantage of a free electric blanket safety test in preparation of the upcoming colder months. Despite more than 12 years of testing of electric blankets, unsafe blan…

PEOPLE are being asked to make sure that their electric blankets are safe to use as the cold weather approaches. Castle Point Council is offering free electric blanket testing for residents in the bor…

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Is It Safe to Use an Electric Blanket during Pregnancy? Medical websites differ about the use of electric bedding during pregnancy. Some say: “Absolutely no problem”.

One of the main safety concerns involving electric blankets is the possibility of it becoming a fire hazard. The exact numbers of fires started each year due to electric blanket use is not known, but they can be an ignition source, especially if you are using an older electric blanket.

Never buy an electric blanket from a secondhand shop or garage sale. Avoiding burns As with any electrical appliance, malfunctions can and do happen with electric blankets.

What Is Your Electric Blanket Doing To YOU! Studies have linked electric blanket use to increased cases of miscarriages and childhood leukemia. Instead of using an electric blanket, safer alternatives are using flannel sheets or extra blankets, wearing socks or hats, or using a hot water bottle.

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… and space heaters space heaters and electric blankets are great for taking the chill out of the air on a cold day. But they’re not safe for anyone with Alzheimer’s to use on their own.