Biohazard Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Blood Spills

It’s not so relaxing, though, when that blood-red wine spills on your faux leather couch. Fake leather isn’t quite as …

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Workplace Accidents Statistics Workplace injury and illness data including assaults are available on Injury Facts, the National Safety Council’s compilation of preventable death and injury statistics for nearly 100 years. “Our … Published in March, the report, 25 Years of Worker Injury, Illness, and Fatality Case Data, is part of the bureau’s … Workplace Injury, Illness and Fatality

Universal Precaution Spill Kit Smelleze® Blood & body fluid spill Clean Up Absorbent absorbs, solidifies & deodorizes blood, vomit, urine & other spills. Works in in seconds & easy to use

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When a spill is reported, city crews will investigate, and if the spill makes it into the storm system, the city must report …

Before calling an expensive cleaning service, DIY it with these trusted common household solutions to help wipe out all kinds of tough carpet stains, from red wine to pet urine.

B Basic Spot Cleaning Technique for Wet Spills. Blot up any excess moisture by pressing firmly with clean, white paper or cloth towels, working from the outside of the spill inward to avoid spreading.