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Difference Between Subdomain And Subdirectory

Subdomains vs. Subdirectories. There’s a big difference between subdomains and subdirectories when it comes to their effect on SEO. From a technical perspective, a subdomain can be easier to set up, but from an SEO perspective, it can have a negative impact on your search rankings if not done correctly.

John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, stated in an office hours hangout this week that subdomains and subdirectories are treated the same in Google search. A question came up about whether …

Subdirectories are a partitioning of a single domain, whereas subdomains manifest a virtual split from that single domain. If you as webmaster are a one person operation, or web development is a very small part of what your business is actually up to, then subdirectories are the place to start, and possibly stay.

Understanding The Difference Between A Domain, A SubDomain, and a Directory June 16th, 2008 How do you tell the difference between a domain, a sub-domain, and a sub-directory, and what is the difference between the three, and when developing a website which should you use, and for what.

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Should You Use Sub Domains or Sub Directories? A subdirectory, also known as subfolder, is like a subpage of a particular subdomain. In order to be able to have something after the "/" when choosing the custom domain publishing method, both elements need to point to the same server, otherwise it will create a conflict and the page will not be shown.

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During the most recent Google Office Hours, the question came up on the difference between using subdomains and subdirectories, specifically for Google. And John Mueller from Google actually gave a …

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When to Use Subdomains and Subdirectories. A subdirectory is the part of the url that houses a specific subset of content. A website is like a filing cabinet, the folders within the cabinet would be the subdirectories of your site. Individual directories are located to the right of the domain.

One section, on subdomain vs. subdirectory caught my attention … This gave us about 10 minutes between the switch and propagation of the new URL to ensure that everything was redirected. The time we …