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Find Out If Someone Died

Full Answer. Conducting an online obituary search is another way to find out if someone has died. Obituaries are usually published online by local newspaper websites. A website that provides public records or one that retrieves public information also shows if someone has passed away.

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There are a number of resources online you can use to find out if someone has passed away. The most direct method is simply to type the person’s name into a search engine like Google or Bing .

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The App That Tells You Who Died In Your House...? | The Meredith Vieira Show Find Out If Someone Died. If you know where someone is buried then you can visit that cemetery and look for their tombstone. It can contain valuable information such as the date of birth, the date of death and the spouse’s name. You can also search for tombstones that belong to relatives of the deceased person buried in the same cemetery.

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To find out if a person has died, maybe someone you lost contact with, you can type a name and the word obit or obituary into a search engine. If it is a common name you might want to include a middle initial, town, state or country.