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How Does A Copy Machine Work

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Today, copy machines and email have made the process much easier … has worked as an editor for an academic publication. Waters, Erika. "How Do You Send a Carbon Copy Letter?" Work –, http: …

Basics of the Copying Process. The basic performance of a copy machine relies upon the principle that opposite charges attract. Under the lid and behind the glass that you see on your copy machine there is a special drum that creates a form of static electricity. This drum works in union with a toner cartridge.

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Walk into almost any business office, and you’ll probably find a photocopier ("copier") with a line of people waiting to use it. For most businesses, small or large, the copier has become standard equipment, much like having a desk to work at and a chair to sit in.

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How A Photocopier Works Transfer. The powder image is transferred from the photoreceptor onto paper by bringing the paper in contact with the toner and then applying a charge with polarity opposite to that of the toner. The charge must be strong enough to overcome the powders adhesion to the photoreceptor.