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Campanda offers a service to benefit both camps (pun intended). RV owners can list their vehicles for rent—including A-, B-, and C-class campers, fifth wheels, teardrops, and even spacious vans. It’s …

Class B motorhome rental rates. class B rentals vary widely in style and amenities. As such, Class B RV rental prices vary widely, too. The base rate will always depend on the RVs age, location, and size, but you can expect prices to fall within these parameters: Older Class B RV rental prices tend to range between $80 to $120 per night.

Advantages of a Class B RV. Renting a class B RV is a great choice for families who are on a budget. They’re considered one of the least expensive RVs to own, maintain, or rent. The class B RV rental cost is a lot lower than the cost of renting a class A or C. This is advantageous.

Roadtrek Class B Van Camper Rentals. The Roadtrek Simplicity gives you the convenience of a full featured motor home in an easy to drive van sized package. The Roadtrek Simplicity is the latest camper van produced from Roadtrek Motorhomes and we are happy to offer this awesome vehicle for rent.

This Class B motorhome really raises the roof . . . literally. There are plus sides to being really tall. It’s easier to find your car in parking lots, or spot friends in a crowd. Your view at the …

The Advanced RV Rental Experience Thor has a joint venture with Tourism Holdings (the world’s largest RV rental operation … are caravans, like Class A and C …

… and it’s not reasonable to expect everyone will have a chance to drive every kind of RV before they rent or buy one. I’ve driven a Class A bus and a Class B-style van, but I’d never driven a Class …

Rent Truck With Fifth Wheel Hitch Active Steering Assist power steering is new on some double cab and crew cab models of the 2016 GMC Sierra HD pickup truck line … a frame-mounted hitch platform and tray that accommodates a … Fifth wheels offer all the space and comforts of a Class A RV—including slide outs, bathrooms, and even multiple bedrooms—but
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Class B RV’s or vans usually sleep 2 or 3 people. Many of these vans are set up with toilets and showers and small kitchens. The amenities in the Class B vans vary depending on where you rent them from so check the vehicle details to see which van is right for your trip.

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Class B RV Rental Cost. When you make the decision to rent a class B motorhome, the biggest question on your mind is cost. What are class B motorhome rental rates? RV rental prices can vary greatly, so the only way to find exact class B motorhome rental rates is to do thorough research and compare RVs that match your search criteria.

Small Rv Van Rental Class C Rv Inside If you haven’t had much exposure to the RV lifestyle before, then you’re probably wondering what Class A, B, and C are all about. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 RV types. Rv Pros And Cons The Pros And Cons There are different types of RV. Here we